PDF of student calendar: MerceyMusic Lesson Calendar 2018-2019

The following applies to all students taking lessons in Listowel. Students of Rockway Mennonite Collegiate and Sound Factory Music School will need to contact their schools for information regarding policies, payments, etc.

Mike Mercey Music Fees, Policies and Procedures:

  • All lessons will be taught during a mutually agreed upon weekly time slot in accordance with the lesson schedule. The lesson schedule follows the elementary school year. Summer lessons are available (limited time slots).
  • I offer an introductory offer for all new students: $90 for 6 half-hour private lessons, tax included. After this, fees are $21.88 per lesson over a 32-week year, payable in equal monthly payments ($70/month). Students starting after September will have their first month adjusted accordingly.
  • All payments can be made by cash, e-transfer or cheque. All cheques are to be made out to Mike Mercey; e-transfers to be sent to merceymusic@gmail.com.
  • Payments are due before or on the first day of each month. Postdated cheques are accepted.
  • All lessons canceled by the instructor will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time, and students are permitted two sick days per calendar year. These days will be made up.



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